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Bank Account Error Correction Letter

These kinds of letters should be written in a formal tone and the data given in the letters should represent the actual facts and figures. This letter is written by a bank account holder since he has noticed some errors while updating his Pass-Book. He addresses the Manager of the bank to rectify the error as soon as possible to avoid future complications in transactions.


2182 New York Avenue
Troy, TX 76579

20th August 2011

Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned have a savings account in your bank having account number XXXXX. Two days earlier I updated my pass book in this branch. I found that two transaction entries are wrongly recorded. The cheque which I had deposited in the bank should had been cleared till date and also the withdrawal of a certain amount from the ATM is not been shown into my pass book

Since I have to make an urgent payment, I need to know the exact balance in my account. Being a worthy client of the bank I request to rectify the error at earliest.

Thanking you,

Fred P. Sanders

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