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Business Accepting Invitation Letter

Business letters, written on the standard business letterhead, should be written in block format with everything beginning at left margin. As all professional writing, business letters should be brief and clear. The relationship between writer and reader affects the tone of the business letter. If you are writing a business letter to someone with whom you have worked for several years then the tone can be worm and friendly but in general business letter it has to be formal.


Owen A. Sanders

36 Hepburn Lane
DL5 6RM 

Date: 10th August 2010.

Dear Mr. Sanders

With reference to your business proposal letter dated 2nd August 2010. We are very happy to inform you that your internet packages will be very convenient and useful for our organization and we accept your invitation for conducting business.

Kindly send your marketing manager to negotiate terms and conditions of the contract. We would like to know more about unlimited downloading facilities which you can provide. We would like to have wireless router at our office for making in lot easier to establish connectivity. Feel free to contact our General Manager for any other queries.

I hope we will enjoy better connectivity with your network. Kindly send us the catalogue of unlimited download packages.

We are looking forward to have fruitful business relationship with your organization.

Yours Sincerely,

Declan E. Norris

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