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Business Congratulation Letter

Business letter should be written by keeping the reader in mind. Normally reader will be happy to read such letter which will make it a point to answer any of the questions or the objections he might have. The business letter should be written in active voice rather than passive voice. The tone of the latter should be formal, not conversational English.


Messrs Galaxy trading corporation

9 Overton Circle
DE23 2EG


Dear Sirs,

I am writing this letter to commend your business success in last year. I still remember the day we met first time in the business meet at London. You were confident and ambitious when you told me that one day you will be nominated for the prize of the best internet providing company in the London. Today we are very happy to finally see you touching the skies in the world of internet service providers.

Your organization was in the news during the last year for providing the best services and packages to the organization as well as local public. You have not only provided the best Internet services in London but also have provided better customer satisfaction and quality services to the peoples of the London. You have got a special reputation in the market of internet service providers and I think now you would have some special plans to reach the international market. We would like to wish you all the success in your future plans

Wishing you once again with all the best wishes.

Yours Truly,

Ellis E. Norman

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