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Business Welcome Letter

This Letter would be addressed to any retailer to enter into an agreement with the organization to become a part of their retail chain. This letter would welcome the new retailer and provide them the details of the merchandise supply and the commissions they are entitled to receive for the sale of Merchandise.


Mr. Ricky Clarke

Sports Inc

4 Had lee Street,

Downtown Park,

Washington DC

23rd Sept’ 2010

Subject: Welcoming to become part of our Retailer Chain

Dear Ricky,

We welcome you as our new retailer for our line of Sports Merchandise. We are happy that you agreed to do business with us and we are confident that you will maximize our merchandise sales through your retail outlet.

We extend our warm invitation to consider ordering our latest merchandise to stock-up in your retail store. We have enclosed the list of merchandise we offer and the price list for the same. We have also enclosed the commission rate you are entitled to receive from the merchandise sales. We offer the most competitive commission pay for all our retailers as per the industry trends.

We offer special commission packages all through the year for their invaluable contribution to our sales. If you find the commission package suitable to you, then feel free to contact Mr. Rolando, our Merchandise Manager for the supply of Merchandise.

We look forward to do business with you. Please feel free to contact for any queries.

Yours Truly,

Matthew Morgan,


For Andy Sports

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