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Sincere Business Apology Letter

This kind of apology letter or grievance letter can be drafted by any entrepreneur or business concern for any unintentional misdeed or some mistake for any customers, clients, be it for unreasonable dealings, refusal for goods return cases etc. this would signify the apology indirectly by way of convincing to be in good relations in the long run etc to be framed.


Mr. James Atkinson,

Public Relations Officer,

37, Ballard Estate,

Hiranandani Continental,

Powai Lake Road.


Mr. Avinash Bhise.

Marketing Records Manager,

Marine Lines Lane,

Malabar Hill Road,

Subject: Request to apologize on professional grounds.
Dear Sir,

I James Atkinson, on behalf & working in the capacity as Public Relations Officer in Hiranandani Continental, would like to sincerely apologize for our inability from our side to perform as per the ethics set & followed by our Continental Group.

Without reminding the scene, we just want to express our restlessness for having being rude for the troublesome & disgraceful condition a couple of weeks ago. Sir, in spite of being neither too harsh nor to lenient with our colleagues, we as a management strive hard to serve our esteemed customers in a royal way in all the possible ways. Your presence & support in the future will assure us to serve you by best means possible.

Thanking You;


James Atkinson

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