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Condolence Letter Thank You Letter

Our friends and relatives send us condolence letter on death of our love one. Through this letter they show their grief and sorrow on death and this letter is also a great way to show your support towards the grieving person and family. It is your kind duty to reply them giving respect to their feelings. Here is the sample of thank you letter written to give reply to the condolence letters got on sister’s death.



Michael I. Hood

464 Elk Creek Road
Gainesville, GA 30501

Dear Michael

I want to say thanks for your sorrow and wishes on my sister’s death. That letter played a very big role to give me strength and comfort to come out of that horrifying moment.

You know that death of my sister is very unfortunate incident for me so I got delayed in replying to your letter. You have mentioned about our childhood activities and I also remember that moments. I can never forget them. She told me before two days of her death when you had telephonic conversation with her that you are coming to India very soon. Meet me when you come.

Thanks for asking for help but now I am felling such better and will definitely tell you if I need any kind of help. I am very thankful to Got that he gave me friend like you.

Thanks and Regards


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