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Condolence Letter on Death of Brother

A brother, in life of any sister has a very special importance. They both live together and play with each other, so have so many special remembering. It is really very sad for a sister to listen about the death of her brother. It is your kind duty to help her and give support to her, so you must write a condolence letter to her. You should write the letter in very kind and supportive words so that it can give comfort to the grieving person. Here is the sample of condolence letter which is written on death of friend to his sister.


Kenneth M. Justice

3453 Fraggle Drive
Elmhurst, IL 60126


Ms. Suzanne C. Jones

1343 Illinois Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

1st August 2010

Dear Ms. Suzanne

It is really unpleasant to know about the untimely death of your brother Mr. Greg R. Jones. He was a good friend of mine and was working in same office with me. He was very hard working and helping person and had very good impression on every one in office.

I was really very shocked when I got this news but we have to accept the reality about death of Mr. Greg. It’s all God’s wish and I will pray to God to give strength to you and his family to move forward in life without him.

Please accept my deep condolences on this unpleasant incident. I am trying to complete all the official formalities after death of employee. Please tell me if you want any other help.



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