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Condolence Letter to A Colleague

Dear name,

Today morning I heard the sad news of your wife’s death. She was a strong lady who fought with cancer for a year. I still remember how you spent hours together on weekends and you never liked to spend time with your friends rather you spent most of the time with the family.

I know how close you were with your family and you keep calling her even when you are travelling on project trips. You both shared a great bond and it’s really sad what has happened and I hope that god gives you and your kid’s strength to cope with the situation. You will have to be stronger and face the reality and take care of you kids and do all that your wife dreamt of making them. I know how strongly you supported your wife during her last days.

All the employees of our department have sent their support and condolences. Please don’t worry about the upcoming projects and meetings which are coming up next, month. If there is any report that is required I will get it from other team members. If there is anything that we can help you with please feel free to call us at __________.


Your name


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