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Formal Condolence Letter

Formal condolence letter is written in formal language and is generally used to intimate any person about the death of his love one. This type of condolence letter is generally used to send by a company or offices like military to the family of the dead employee. In this letter the company can also mention about any rewards given to the dead person. In this way company tries to give some relief to the family of dead person.

Here is example of formal condolence letter send by the military official on the death of soldier to his family.


Military services


Mr. David N. Howard

1197 Oak Avenue
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Mr. David

With very heavy heart I want to give you the sad news of death of your son. He has lost his life while fighting against the terrorists. He was a brave soldier and has great sentiments for the country. He have fought against terrorists so many times and saved the nation from them. We can never forget his contribution in saving the country.

Please accept my deep condolences on the behalf of President on his unfortunate death. For his bravery, we wish to give him a medal that will be given by President himself. Please come on 26th January to accept the medal. I will discuss more about it later.

With Thanks and Regards

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