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Sympathetic Condolence Letter

We all feel very sad on death of any loved one. When any of your relative or known person get pass away then you can express your sorrow by writing a sympathetic condolence letter to the family of the person who has died. Select a nice paper and it will be best to write the letter in your handwriting. Through this letter you can show your support to the family of the dead person.

Here is the sample letter which is written to show condolence to the friend who has lost his mother recently.



Walter J. Covey
1555 Park Street
Oakland, CA 94612

August 5, 2010

Dear Walter,

I got to know about the death of your mother. I would like to express my sorrow about this unfortunate happening. I know that mother have special importance in everyone’s life and it is very depressing to loss her. But everyone has to go one day and we have to accept this truth. My all blessings and support are with you and hope that God will help you to move forward in life.

Feel free to tell me if I there is anything that I can do for you. My warmest love and wishes are with you and may God bless you.

Todd M. Lowery

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