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Cover Letter for Tender

Such letters should be written with a formal tone and should state actual details and figures. This cover letter is applied to R&R Company for the job opportunity given. This letter is to tell us that the company is well efficient for all the services and status required.

John More

R&R Corporation

High Street

Noida, NA 12345

Date-: 22/10/2010

Dear John,

As Per our discussion on January 1st 2000, I am pleased to enclose R&R Corporation’s proposal for tender.

Our proposal not only covers all the relevant issues that were requested, but also provides a broad outline on the history of R&R Corporation and why we feel we are best equipped to provide the services required and all the things company needs to reach the high levels of the market with a good efficient status.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need clarification on any item. And call me anytime you have any queries or doubts regarding the job you are been offered.



A. N. Doshi

Accounts Director

Enclosures: 1


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