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Client Farewell Letter

This type of farewell letter can be drafted by business enterprises, or like concerns for allowing the suppliers, or distributors, to convey a farewell sort of expressions. This would most likely include the convincing reason or purpose to get separated & part away in the business dealings by giving a rough idea & possible alternatives to be briefed up.


Mr. Fred Wilston,

Anand Bhavan,

Near Dalal Street


20th Sept’ 2010

Subject: To inform about farewell with client suppliers & distributors.

Dear Mr. Wilston,

With reference to our recent telephonic conversation & in relation to the subject, this is to confirm about parting away as a supplier & leaving the entire business in the name of my close friend for some inadvertent reasons for some not so specific period without any advance notice.

Sir, knowing your continuous support & taking into consideration the likely problems to be dealt in my absence; further sending you some contacts of my trustworthy clients to ensure that your business is not affected even by an inch in the future. Lastly looking forward & seeking for our continuous support from indirect ways as I am thinking to project in some different stream line with same spirit & enthusiasm.

Thanking You;

Warm Regards

Vijay Pandit

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