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Client’s Farewell Letter

Farewell letters to clients are written to notify them about your leaving a company and joining a new one. But you should not poke your clients to join you in the other company, if you are going to stay in the same field that harms your reputation as well as your relation with the client.

The reason can be anything for you to terminate the business but you should be friendly enough to give a farewell letter to your client in a professional way. These letters helps you to maintain a good relationship with your clients even after the business is over.

While writing the letter focus on the positive relationship you shared over the years with your clients. You need to tell your clients that you regret for not being available to them and also mention then reason for not working with them. You should not put negative comments that would hurt your clients.

Tips for Writing Farewell Letters to the Client:

  • Formal written: the letter should be written formally and professionally.
  • Positive Thinking: the letter must be written with a positive thinking.
  • Introduction and Conclusion: the letter must have a proper beginning and end.
  • Be Precise: the letter must not be lengthy.
  • Correct Grammar: grammar must be checked.
  • Gratitude: be thankful to the client.
  • Experiences: you can share the positive experiences you had while working with them.
  • Details: you may include the details of your new organization.
  • Avoid Criticism: do not ever criticize the current organization.
  • Reason: include the reason of your leaving the current office.
  • Personal Details: you can include your personal details for them to contact you later.
  • Assurance: assure the client of same continuing services in the future.
  • Final Thoughts: you can write of the good times you all shared while working together.
  • Wish them good luck for future: finish the letter wishing good luck for future to all of your colleagues.

Client’s Farewell Letter Sample



Sudesh Dasgupta

45C, D. L. Khan Road

Kolkata: 700023


Dear Mr. Dasgupta,

I want to inform you that I’m leaving the company and would no longer be able to handle your savings account. I have got a new job at the DYF Bank and I will no longer be working for KLP Bank.

I’m really thankful to you for trusting me so many years with your account. It was a tough job but I managed my responsibilities somehow. I liked working for this company and providing services to clients like you was enjoyable.

I would want to keep in touch with you, please contact me for anything you like at 2567-9000 otr you can reach me at restivekid54@email.com.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes to you.



William Smith

KLP Bank

78, Park Circus Avenue


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