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Employee Farewell Letter

An employee farewell letter is written by one of the colleagues who write a farewell letter for the employee who is resigning the company. However this letter can be written on behalf of the whole company and also appreciates the support and coordination provided by the person who is resigning the company. Moreover this letter wishes good luck for the latest accomplishment.

  • Thanking in a nice way – During writing these kinds of farewell letter for employee, one should thank the reader in a polite and nice way.
  • Expressing which is inside the mind – One can write anything which is inside his or her mind in to the letter. Indeed in those times, the writer should usually think the wonderful times which was being spent together with the recipient.
  • Utilizing polite words – A person should use polite tone along with words in the letter. Harsh and rude words should be avoided as those can embarrass the recipient.
  • Showing gratitude – While writing farewell letter for an employee, one should show a great percentage of gratitude.
  • Should be short and simple – This type of farewell letter should be very much shorter and simple in nature. In addition, lengthy ones should not be written.
  • Should have proper grammar – During writing such employee farewell letter, a person must check the grammar within the letter.
  • Should be appreciative – Employee farewell letters should be highly appreciative, as it is presented to the person leaving job.
  • Phone or contact number must be asked from the person leaving employment.

Employee Farewell Letter Template

Use our free Employee Farewell Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


_________ (Date)

Dear everyone,

I would like you all to know that I am going to resign from my post at _____________ (Name of the company).

I have recently got a good offer for job, so I would be joining there as soon as possible. I have really enjoyed working here at _________ (Name of the company) for ten years. I also appreciate for having a chance for working with you all. I would also like to thank you for your coordination, encouragement and support which you have given me within my working period at _____________ (Name of the company).

However I will miss the company, my clients and also my all colleagues, as I am looking forward for beginning a new phase in my career.

Please keep contact. Although I can be reached in my phone number XXXXXXXXX and in my email address __________.

Thank you once again for everything. It has been a nice experience working here will all of you.

Best regards,


____________ (Name of the writer)


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Employee Farewell Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


9th August 2013

Dear team,

Mr. Ken Lawson is going to leave our company for certain personal causes. He was working on our organization for ten years. This entire ten years was a great journey for our company and also Mr. Lawson. He has even given his support and coordination when our organization was facing worse times. Moreover he has also proved to be one of the ideal employees on the expansion of the organization.

On behalf of the whole organization I wish you all the best for future along with blessings for your latest work. The whole team is proud of having you as an IT specialist. We will never forget you and your skills which have taught many people in doing successful tasks. We will miss your presence and your wonderful skills.

Please keep in touch


Warm regards,


Richard Walls


Email Format

In the employee farewell letter one of the colleagues writes a farewell letter to the employee who is leaving the organization. This letter is on behalf of the entire organization and appreciates the coordination and the support given by the person who is leaving the organization. This letter also offers gratitude from the entire team to the person who is leaving the company. The letter wishes luck for the new accomplishment and also asks him to be in regular touch.

Dear Team,

Mr. Bill Glen is leaving our organization for some personal reasons. He is with our institute since five years. Entire five years was a good journey for our organization and Mr. Bill Glen. He has shown full support during our company’s bad times and has proved to be one of the best employees during our company’s expansion.

On behalf of our entire company I wish you luck in future and lots of blessings for your new task. We all together as a team are proud to have an IT specialist like you and we as a company can never forget skills which you have taught to make our work simpler. We all will miss your amazing techniques and your support when ever required.

Keep in touch.



Harvey Richard.


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