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Farewell Thank you Letters

Farewell thank you letters are mostly written for appreciating all the co-workers or colleagues. They are being thanked for their cooperation, support, coordination and also the great times being spent together. It even admires all the hard work being done by individual members. Moreover it assists the organization or company for reaching new heights. This kind of letter also pays thanks to the complete team for achieving the steps of success.

  • Being generous – While writing farewell thank you letter to while team of the company or organization, it is better to be generous to them. It sounds well for the reader.
  • Should be short and precise – The farewell thank you letter should be short and simple and precise as concerned by the reader.
  • Saying thanks in a polite and soft manner – While writing this kind of farewell letter, a person should use soft and polite words for thanking his or her boss and team mates.
  • Be direct – After all it is a goodbye. So why should it sound complicated. Therefore it is better to be direct and write in a straight forward manner.
  • Avoid being too much informal or friendly – While writing such farewell letters it is better to not air the laundry here. The key points are to be professional, direct and factual. This is usually liable for only the boss.
  • Do not mention the past – During writing a farewell thank you letter, one should not mention any professional or personal conflicts in to it.
  • Be friendly – This goes mostly for the co-workers or colleagues.
  • Determination of the mood of the letter – This is a serious point which should be written carefully by the writer before writing or committing anything. On the other hand, a poor execution of the goodbye letter can tend to be confusing for the reader as well as the writer.
  • Expressing what is in the mind – There would be many times where a “see ya later” or “so long” would not be the right way to leave things. In those times the writer should think about the times spent together with the reader.
  • A person should be caring and respectful while writing to a flame. But the terms of endearment should be prevented. This can however tend to be cynical, worse or disingenuous.

Farewell Thank you Letters Template

Use our free Farewell Thank you Letters to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

_________ (Date)

Dear colleagues,

As you all know that the present day is my last working day in _______ (name of company). I would like to thank the entire team sincerely for all the great times which we all spent together, for the past five years. I will miss everybody, especially my lively boss. Thanks for your support and friendship. In addition thanks for the surprise party and the beautiful goodbye gift.

Please keep in touch.

Yours sincerely,


____________ (Name of writer)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Farewell Thank you Letters Sample, Email and Example/Format


7th August 2013

Dear team,

I am writing this letter for thanking you all for your kind cooperation and support for assisting me in reaching to the senior most position. I would also like to share something with everybody that today is my last day in this company. I have joined Mabtech Corporation as the Marketing director.

I am pleased to tell you all that I have cherished each and every moment of this organization. It was really a pleasure working with you all. If you all were not there with me then I would have been an unsuccessful person in this organization. For your coordination I have reached such level of success.

I thank you all once again for being a special part of my life.

Yours truly,



Vikas Chaudhary

Email Format

Farewell thank you letters are written in appreciation to all collogues for their coordination and lovely time spent together. It also admires the hard work done by each and every team member and helps the company reach new heights. This letter also thanks the entire team to help the writer gain a senior post and the teams support during the bad and the good times of the organization.

Dear team,

This letter is to thank the entire team for their support and kind coordination to help me reach a senior position. I would like to share to all of you present here that today is my, last day in this organization. I have joined Techbam Corporation as a senior marketing director.

I am delighted to tell all of you that I have enjoyed every moment working with all of you present here. Without all of your support I wouldn’t have been at this position. It’s been five years journey for me in this company where I joined as a normal marketing executive and could reach a post of branch sales manager.

Once again thanking all of you and will miss the time we spent together working in this organization. You all feel free to contact me when ever required on my cell. I will mail you all my new address once I shift in to the new apartment.

Thanking you all

Yours truly,


Elvis Aeron

Farewell Thank you Letters Generator

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