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Farewell To A Classmate

Farewell letters to a classmate are written to a friend who was with you from early years of your childhood from when you have joined school, in order to show gratitude and bid adieu.

These kinds of farewell letters are written to communicate with your classmate with whom you have shared parts of your school as well as personal life. While writing farewell letters to a classmate include funny jokes or quotes.

The time of parting after knowing each other for a really long time, you are going apart in different worlds, although you promise each other to keep in touch but both of you know it’s a myth! So before going into a different world you must wish your friend best of luck and lots of encouragement.

  • It should be very friendly: the letter should be funny, friendly and must make the other person laugh.
  • It must state your actual thought: give a proper background and write it being empathetic.
  • Must be with a proper introduction and conclusion: greet and end the letter nicely.
  • It must have easy and charming words: Use simple words that both of you find easy to read and write.
  • Mention good memories:  you must make an effort to make your friend feel special and cherished.
  • Use small and simple sentences: do not drag the sentences by putting ’and’, ‘or’, ‘because’. Keep it short!
  • Grammar must be well-maintained: be aware of the grammar.
  • Appreciate the person: you must appreciate your friend for putting up with you for so many years.
  • Express Gratitude: be thankful and kind. Mention how you were helped because of them.
  • Be witty: be funny in your letter, try to make your friend laugh.
  • Wish for a bright future: before you finish the letter wish the recipient a good luck for their future.

Farewell To A Classmate Template

Use our free Farewell To A Classmate to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



(Name of the Recipient)
(Address off the Recipient)

Dear Preiti,

How are you? I know that you are going abroad for higher studies and would be back after an eternity. I’m thinking of leaving town as well for studies but would not go as far as you are going.

What will happen to the crazy ideas we planned after we finish school? Who will be my partner in the dance shows now? I’m going to miss you very badly, hope you already know that.

Anyways, being your best pal I’m going to wish you good luck for the future that awaits you and would also request you to not forget me. Farewell dear friend, be in a good health.

Yours Friend,

(Name of the Sender)
(Address of the Sender)


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Farewell To A Classmate Sample, Email and Example/Format



Dear Alisha,
45 Park Circus
Kolkata: 700047

I am writing this letter to let you know that our friendship is much cherished to me and I wish you all the very best for your future. Always remember that no matter what happens, even if we are not near to each other I’ll always think of you and miss you.

Do not forget the moments we have spent together. The hard times when exams were upon our heads but we still got time to talk to each other and giggle because studies were not completed. You were always there for me when I failed to understand a lesson. I still remember how we used to get ourselves punished so that we were turned out of the class and in the corridor we used to have a hearty laugh.

Keep in touch you never know we might again end up being classmates and have fun together. Be in a good health and have fun where ever you are. Keep writing to me dear.

Yours Friend,

7 A, Lake Road
Kolkata: 700027


Email Format

This friendship farewell letter is written to a friend by another to bid him/her and show his/her gratitude to better things in life. It’s a very emotional and heart touching moment to be apart from each other after being friends and knowing each other for so many years. It’s a very biased moment for one; to ask your friend not to leave you and on the other hand wish him / her great heights and achievements.

Dear ___________

I wish you farewell, to new and better things in life. No matter how hard it is, never give it up. Reach for what you want; with you’ll soar into the sky. So long, I bid you a farewell, no matter how hard it may be to let you go. I’ll see you again, whether you come to visit or it’s in my memories.

Never forget those who love, for they are always there for you. I’m here for you. I wish you a farewell, to a new and more exciting adventure. Although there will be hard times, forget them and remember the good ones, you had here with your family and friends. It’s a very difficult moment for me to bid you ‘adios’. But it’s destined for you to leave all of us for further studies and shine out with flying colors in life and achieve a glorious victory.

I will always miss the time spent together be it for projects, movies, studies, outing or anything else. I’ll always cherish having met you and becoming an essential part of my life. No matter how far we are and how much big is the distance between us we will always keep in touch through phone calls, mails and maybe meeting at least once a year. You never know, maybe I might pay you a surprise visit or plan abroad for higher studies in your University.

I’ll you always. FAREWELL…

Thanks for being such a great friend…!!!

Yours lovingly,




Farewell To A Classmate Generator

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