Farewell To A Classmate

This is a farewell letter from the management and employees of the company to its Chairman who is retiring in the coming days. It is a semi formal letter that wishes its Chairman well in future.

Here is a sample professional farewell letter:


The Management and Employees

Genius Electrical Inc.,

New York


Mr. James Lawrence


Genius Electrical Inc.,

New York

Dear Sir,

We the management and employees wish you a Happy Future on your retirement. Although you will now no longer come to the office, we request you to keep giving your advice to us in all the future projects of the company.

Over the years the company has progressed a lot under your guidance. In fact you were the person who was single handed responsible for pulling the company from the brink of financial crisis 2 years back.

Your dedication and devotion to the company has been an inspiration for all the young and old. Thus, it is with a sad heart that we all bid you farewell. We seek your guidance in future too.

Wishing you a Happy Life,

The Management and Employees

Genius Electrical Inc.

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