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Professional Farewell Letter

Professional Farewell letters are written to the Chairman of a company from the management and employees of the company. It is written to bid farewell to the Chairman who is going to retire in a few days.

  • It should be semi formal: the letter should be friendly but at the same time written formally.
  • It must have a proper background: a proper background is always necessary.
  • Must be with a proper introduction and conclusion: greet and end the letter sincerely.
  • It must have easy words: Use of simple words is recommended.
  • Mention memories: you must make an effort to make the person feel good.
  • Use small and simple sentences: do not drag the sentences. Keep it short and simple but effective!
  • Grammar must be maintained properly: be aware of the grammar while writing to the Chairman.
  • Appreciate: you must appreciate for the good and hard work for taking the company to great heights.
  • Express Gratitude: be thankful. Mention how you were helped by the person.
  • Final Thoughts: you can write of the good times when the company progressed because of the boss.
  • Wish for a bright future: finish the letter wishing good luck for future.

Professional Farewell Letter Template

Use our free Professional Farewell Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

(Name of the Recipient)

(Address off the Recipient)


Mr. Deven Shah

Shine Group Pvt. Ltd.

45 A Mango Lane

Kolkata: 700036

Respected Sir,

On the final day of your office we would like to congratulate you. After many years of service to keep this company in the number one position, we would really like to thank you for your effort.

We all enjoyed your association and have learnt a lot from you. We will always remember your excellent managerial talent in periods of crisis. You have worked really hard to make the company shine and grow under your observation.

We would always need your advice. We hope that you enjoyed directing us in the paths that you lead.

Wish you good luck for the future and be in a good health.

The Employees and Management

(Name of the Sender)

(Address of the Sender)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Professional Farewell Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Mr. Francis Brutus,

Endeavour Group

90 B, Park Street

Kolkata: 700016

Dear Sir,

The management and employees would like to wish you a happy and prosperous future on your retirement. We would like to keep getting advices from you as it is only because of you this company has reached such great heights.

You are the one person all of us looked upto and we all remember how you handled the company in time of crisis few years back. You are invited to a program that is organised to honour you that is the least we could do after what you have done for the company. The time and date for the farewell program is already mailed to you, do kindly check it.Professional farewell letter

Your dedication, hard work and will power drove us to push ourselves further. You are an inspiration for all of us. We seek guidance from you in future as well. With a sad heart we bid you farewell.

Wish you the very best for your future, have a happy life.

The Management and Employees

Endeavour group


Email Format


The Management and Employees

Genius Electrical Inc.,

New York


Mr. James Lawrence


Genius Electrical Inc.,

New York

Dear Sir,

We the management and employees wish you a Happy Future on your retirement. Although you will now no longer come to the office, we request you to keep giving your advice to us in all the future projects of the company.

Over the years the company has progressed a lot under your guidance. In fact you were the person who was single handed responsible for pulling the company from the brink of financial crisis 2 years back.

Your dedication and devotion to the company has been an inspiration for all the young and old. Thus, it is with a sad heart that we all bid you farewell. We seek your guidance in future too.

Wishing you a Happy Life,

The Management and Employees

Genius Electrical Inc.

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