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Retirement Farewell Letters

Retirement farewell letters are mostly written during the time of retirement from an organization or company. However this letter is being addressed to the management for their kind support in the time of emplacement. It even thanks the team for accepting and coordinating the retirement. These kinds of farewell letters merely say a warm goodbye to the colleagues or co-workers.

  • It should be personal – These kinds of retirement farewell letter are mostly personal in nature.
  • Words used should be polite – While writing such retirement farewell letter one should use a polite tone as well as polite words. Rude and harsh words should be avoided.
  • Should be hand written – The retirement farewell letters are mostly preferred to be written by hand.
  • Writing in a different manner – A writer should be serious while writing such farewell letters. It should be written in a different manner.
  • Emotional in nature – The writer should pour all the emotions in to this letter as it is written to the head and the whole team of the office.
  • Being thankful – The writer should show his or her gratitude to the whole organization and thankfulness should be addressed to each and every person of the company.
  • The retirement farewell letter should be highly appreciative showed by the person who is bidding goodbye to an organization or company.

Retirement Farewell Letters Template

Use our free Retirement Farewell Letters to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

__________ (Name of the writer)

___________ (City/State/Country)

_________ (Date)

____________ (Name of recipient)

______________ (Position of recipient)

_______________ (Name of the office)

________________ (City/State/Country)

Dear Mr.XYZ,

I am writing this letter for announcing my formal retirement from __________ (name of the present of company) as __________ (present position), being effective from __________ (date).

I would like to thank you and the entire team of __________ (name of the present company) for giving me great chances as an employee for so many years. I have really enjoyed working here and learning a lot from my team mates for the past ten years. Moreover, I am ready to move on to my next phase of life.

I thank you and everyone for being supportive and cooperative towards me. My new contact number is 9246754216, but my email address is the same. Please do contact me if needed.

With warm regards,

__________ (Name of writer)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Retirement Farewell Letters Sample, Email and Example/Format


Meera Singh

Delhi, India.

7th August 2013

Rahul Nair

Post-production Manager,

PID Corporation,

Mumbai, India.

Dear Mr. Nair,

I would like to inform with great pleasure that I would be retiring from my position as Senior Outsource Manager from the PID Corporation on the 20th August 2013. It was very good to have an organization like this and I am very grateful to be an employee of this company. This has fulfilled by all requirements.

I would even thank the whole team of PID Corporation for cooperating with me till the present day. All the co-workers along my boss had encouraged me and made me stand in this level. Thanks to everyone for their support in all sorts of professional and personal developments. I am working in this company when it had a small group of people. The overall journey of this organization along with the retirement has been a great pleasure.

I once again thank everyone and will miss you all. However my contact number would be the same and will too mail you the address of my new house as soon as possible.



Email Format

Dear Mr. Shah,

With great pleasure I would like to inform you that I will be retiring from my post as a senior Project Manager from ATQ Clearing Corporation by the end of this month. It was really nice to have a company like this as my employer which fulfilled all my needs.

I would like to thank the entire management who supported me professionally and personally in any kind of developments. I have been as a part of this company when this company was a small baby in this profession. The entire journey of this company along with my retirement has been a big pleasure.

Once again thanking all of you and will really miss working for this company hence forth. Any ways my cell number remains the same. I will mail you my new residence address once I shift in to my new house.


Meeha Nair.

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