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Holiday Cancellation Letter

A holiday cancellation letter is written by an employee to his boss/senior to inform him about his intent to cancel his holiday-plan due to unavoidable circumstances for which he already obtained permission beforehand. The applicant briefly explains his compulsion for change in plans and mentions tentative plan of when he might avail the same holiday-leave in the future.

Here are some useful tips for writing holiday cancellation letter:

  1. Start by mentioning your original holiday plans, dates and duration and then mention that you have cancelled your plans due to unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Mention the date you will rejoin work due to this cancellation.
  3. Explain briefly reasons for cancellation of plan.
  4. Mention about tentative plan to avail this leave later.
  5. End by requesting your boss to cancel your holiday leave and oblige.

Holiday Cancellation Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Permission for cancellation of holiday

Dear Sir,

I had applied for permission to proceed on holiday from 01August to 13August2013 with my family to Scotland. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am surrendering my leave and reporting back for work from today.

My son met with a severe road accident one day before our departure. He is hospitalized with a fractured limb and severe back injury. He is under treatment and will remain in hospital for another week before doctors can plan his discharge. He is now stable and is responding well to medicines and treatment.

I have returned the advance of salary and leave-travel concession which I had availed for my holidays. The trip-planner has given me grace period of six months in which time I can re-plan my trip without making cancellations. Hence I might request permission for leave to proceed on holiday after my son’s recovery.

Please accept my request for cancellation of leave for holiday from 01August to 13August2013 and oblige.


Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,


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