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Holiday Extension Letter

A holiday extension letter is written by an individual to ask permission for extending the leave sanctioned by stating valid reasons. The sender should give a revised tentative or definite date for return. The sender should apologize for the inconvenience that will be caused due to his/her late return to work and sincerely hope that the boss understands his/her compulsion.

Here are some useful tips for writing a Holiday Extension Letter:

  1. Begin by mentioning that you already have your boss’s approval to proceed on holiday and specify original dates of holiday. Also, furnish name of your destination.
  2. Request for grant of extension of holiday by briefly explaining reasons for the same.
  3. Mention that you are sorry for the inconvenience you will cause.
  4. End by requesting grant of extension and thank in anticipation.

Holiday Extension Letter Sample








Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Permission for extension of holiday

Dear Madam,

I had earlier obtained approval for proceeding on a holiday from 01August to 13August2013 to Dubai. I am writing this letter to request that I may please be granted extension of leave by five days.

I had made my reservations and travel bookings through my travel agent who had confirmed availability of tickets. He called in this morning to inform me that certain flights stand cancelled due to low occupancy of seats on certain dates and my date of travel is one of it.

I have been assured of confirmed tickets for our return on 17August2013 instead of 13August2013. Since I have already paid advance for my stay and touring in Dubai, I request you to kindly extend my leave for holidays by five days.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please accommodate my request for extension of holiday and oblige.

Thanking you in anticipation

Best Regards,


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