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Holiday Extension Letter

A holiday extension letter is written by an employee or student who is already on holiday to ask permission for extending current leave by stating valid reasons. The sender should give a tentative or definite date for return and mention that he/she will produce necessary proof for requesting this extension. The sender sincerely hopes that the boss understands his/her compulsion.

Here are some useful tips for writing holiday extension letter:

  1. Start by mentioning your dates for holiday that you already are on and then request for extension of holiday by specifying number of days.
  2. State valid reason for asking extension, and hope your boss understands your compulsions.  Promise to furnish proof for seeking extension of holiday on arrival.
  3. End by saying that you will confirm your departure plans at the earliest.

Holiday Extension Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)







Subject: Permission for extension of holiday

Dear Madam,

I am currently on a holiday from 01August to 13August2013 at Yorkshire. I am writing this letter to request that I may please be granted extension of leave by five days.

My wife who went down with fever the day before yesterday has been diagnosed for swine flu and hospitalized. The treatment has begun and doctors have agreed to discharge her on 13 August 2013 after conducting various tests.

Hence, I have to reschedule and postpone my departure plans. I request you to kindly extend my leave till 18August2013 and oblige. I hope you understand my compulsions. I will do my best to resume work by 20 August and prepare the report for our bi-annual sales performance.

I will furnish my wife’s hospitalization details on reporting for work. I will keep you informed about my exact departure plans the moment I receive my tickets.


Thanking you in anticipation

Best Regards,


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