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Template of Holiday Letter

Summary: A Holiday letter template, describes the letter in detail. The letter has three main parts which are explained very clearly here. Go through the below line to understand the template clearly. This will definitely help you in framing the letter with ease. It is written with clear notes to easily understand.


Name of friend/member of staff/business associate

Address of friend/member of staff/business associate

Date of Letter


(Dear name of friend/member of staff/business associate)

Body of Letter

First Part

In the first part you have to mention the event’s name or the purpose of the holiday with the name of the festival or occasion.


Second Part

The Second part is written, keeping in mind the person whom the letter is addressed to.

If it is a friend or relative, you can incorporate it with some personal information about you and your family but if it is an employee or business associate, you can express thanks to the individual, if appropriate, for his involvement with the company. You may also include happenings of group achievements, if any that you want to share with the personality. Include the party details if any, asking the person’s appearance for the party.

Third part

While concluding the letter, do not forget to convey your wishes for the holidays.


Warm regards

Your signature

Your name


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