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Holiday Letter to School

A holiday letter to school is usually written by the parent of a child to the class-teacher or principal requesting for permission to avail leave to go on a holiday. The parent states reasons in brief for planning a holiday during the school-session and requests the class-teacher to accommodate submission dates for the child’s projects and home-assignments.

Here are some useful tips for writing holiday letter to school:

  1. Begin by mentioning your ward’s name and grade.
  2. Mention reasons for not being able to take him/her on a holiday for a while.
  3. Mention that not availing a break for a holiday has taken a toll on your child’s performance.
  4.  Mention that you have planned a holiday to spend time and enjoy with your child.
  5. Mention dates for holiday and ask permission for leave.
  6. End by thanking in anticipation.

Holiday Letter to School Sample








Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Permission to avail leave for a holiday

Dear Madam,

My daughter Lindsy is a student in Grade-VI. I have not been able to take my child on any vacation for the past two session-breaks due to my work, and my wife’s touring commitments.

This monotony has taken a toll on Lindsy’s state of mind which is evident in her grades and lack of interest in swimming which has been her interest. As advised by you, we have planned a holiday for ten days to our farm so that we rest, recuperate, enjoy and spend quality time with our daughter.

This holiday is scheduled during the school-sessions since we will not be able to get leave from work during her vacation period. I request you to grant her leave from 24September to 06October 2013 and oblige.

I am informing in advance so that submission dates for projects and home-assignments can be scheduled accordingly.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

James Jackson

(F/O Lindsy, Grade-VI)

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