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Holiday Business Letter

A holiday business letter is written by an employer/boss to the employee/employees to inform about his/her plans to assign a work commitment related to business in such a manner so as to combine work with a holiday thereafter. The employer intimates well in advance so that the employee can make arrangements to go on this trip. The intent is to get the work done by offering a holiday break after work as a bonus.

Here are some useful tips for writing business holiday letter:

  1. Start by mentioning that you need to nominate one person for an out-station work assignment and specify dates for meeting.
  2. Ask this particular employee to undertake the task by giving suggestion of combining work with a holiday thereafter.
  3. Clearly state date for resuming work.
  4. Give name of his colleague to whom he should hand over his work during the said period.
  5. End by asking the employee to revert confirming his willingness.

Holiday Business Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Business Holiday

Dear Kevin,

I have received intimation from our management to send one member from the Sales -Promotion team for a meeting at Dakota for duration of two days from 20Decemberto 22December2013.

Since your parents live in Dakota, I wanted to assign this task to you so that you can complete the work commitment and spend Christmas holidays with your parents. You can return to LA thereafter and resume work from 27December2013.

You can handover your duties and responsibilities to Lawson for the duration that you will be away.

Please let me know if you are interested and confirm your willingness so that we can complete necessary reservations and booking since the meeting is timed close to vacation season.



Jake Johnson

Senior Manager-Sales and Marketing

Kobelco Packers

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  1. dear sir :
    I do want a holiday business letter for a visa purpose , just make it as a business and invetation letter at the same time .
    urgent reply

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