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Company Introduction Letter Template

Summary: If you want to write a company introduction letter then follow a written template as its easy for you to write. Below there is a template of company introduction letter that should be used by you in order to compose a proper professional letter. You should know some specific moments. The provided template is a great assistance in it.

Your name (e.g. John Smith)

Your address (e.g. 12 Smithre Street)

Date: (e.g. 12 March 2010)

Name of the recipient (e.g. Charlie Klares)

Designation (e.g. general manager)

Company (e.g.AAA solutions)

Address (e.g. 15 Walkow Street)

Dear Mr….

Start to introduce the company to the receiver. Do not make it long. Just main points about your company.

Second paragraph should be dedicated to the services providing by your company, the achievements, future strategies, plans. In addition, the main purpose of writing the letter should be mentioned here.

The third paragraph is the final one, which should be finished by thanks to the receiver.

Close the letter with such words as “Respectfully yours”, “Sincerely”, “Regards”

Put the proper signature in the end of the letter.

E.g. Sincerely,

John Smith

In case you enclose any additional material such as a brochure of the company, mention it in the end of the letter.

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