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Introduce a Catalog or Brochure

Dear Name,

Thinking of painting the home!

Well, it’s a big task. Now you must be wondering which color paint to use. To select a paint color is a tedious job, but we at ____________ have a special catalog which will help you select the colors. You can select from the number of colors printed on the catalog and also choose from our online services. Our color patterns are beyond anyone’s imagination. There are number of color combination to choose from.

It offers you various combinations of striking colors and designs, and we also provide special colors for your kids’ room. You have the facility to buy a color tools booklet set online that you can try the color combination yourself and then order for the paint. You can also by samplers which you can test on your walls and check for the best color. If you can make a visit to our outlet, we have color consultants you can provide you with a suggestion for selecting the color.

We have enclosed a catalog, and you can visit our online survive _____________ and decide for the best color.

Just look through the catalog and select the color of your choice ad make a call at ____________ and our customer service representative will help you put an order.

Thanking you,

Your Name

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