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Sample Invitation Letter

Summary: This letter is being sent from a college to other colleges inviting them to participate in a competition. The addressee has been taking part in the event in the past. This year also the invitation letter is being sent to appeal to them to take part in the competition once again. Similar letter of invitation is being sent to other colleges also.


The Director,

Dharwar Institute of Management



10th October 2010

Subject: Invitation to the tenth national level case study contest

Dear Sir,

First, please accept our greetings from our institution.

You are aware, for the last nine years our institution has been enthusiastically organizing this national level case study competition. In addition, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude for institutes like you for participating in the event and making it a success.

Once again, the time has come when we start organizing the case study contest this year. This year we are inviting around 250 colleges to make the competition more interesting.

Again, this year too, it gives us great pleasure to invite your college to take part in the competition once again. We look forward to your active participation to make the event a memorable one. As with previous years this year, too we have kept the team size as three for the student and 2 for the faculties. You can go through the details in the attached circular.

Eagerly looking forward to your participation

Thanks and regards

Amit Khurana

Khurana Institure

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