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Employee Maternity Leave Letter

These days companies are offering maternity leaves to their female employees when they need the same. Becoming a mother is one of the best given by God and every woman must enjoy each and every phase of their pregnancy.

For this, they are required to write a maternity leave letter and also mention the specified time period for the same. By doing this, they are expressing their generosity and the organization also gets for the employee’s absence and they can look for the alternate in the mean time till she joins back.

  1. First and foremost it is vital to inform the concerned person about your pregnancy and due date of delivery.
  2. You must clearly mention the time period for which you would like to take your maternity leaves.
  3. You must enclose documents supporting your cause for the records.
  4. Tone of the letter should be formal
  5. Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.

Employee Maternity Leave Letter Template

Use our free Employee Maternity Leave Letter to help you get started . Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.




Date (Date on which letter is written)




Dear ______________,

I, hereby, would like to inform you that I am in the final stage of my pregnancy and the due date for the delivery is ___________. My gynecologist has advised me to get admitted to the hospital at the earliest. Therefore, I would like to avail my maternity leaves for the period of ______________ months.

In my absence, my responsibilities will be taken care by __________________. I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leaves for __________ months starting from ___________.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely’


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Employee Maternity Leave Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



Patricia Gomes
Software engineer
Infotech Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Date (Date on which letter is written)


Mr. Samuel Peterson
HR Manager
Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sub: Maternity leave application

Dear Mr. Peterson,

As you are aware that I am in the last stage of my pregnancy and the due date for the delivery is 8th September. My gynecologist has advised me complete bed rest in my final stage and to get admitted in the hospital as soon as possible.

I am writing this letter to officially inform you that I will be availing my maternity leaves for the period of three months w.e.f 1st September.

Please find enclosed my medical reports for your reference. I have spoken to Ms. Kelly and she will be handling my responsibilities till I return.

Considering all the facts, I wish that you will process my leave application at the earliest.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely’
Patricia Gomes


Email Format

Maternity is one of the most important and the most awaited thing in a females life. Understanding the importance of maternity, many industries have maternity leave allowances for women. Maternity leave period extends to one full year and if a women wish to take maternity leave, then she can make use of one full year. There are some formats or things that you need to specify in a employee maternity leave letter to get approval. Check the one shown below.

Dear Faye Roberts,

I am Naomi Delp and I am working in your consultancy as a chief software engineer. You already know that I am nearing my delivery date and I wish to avail my full maternity leave along with my annual leave allowance, as I have my full annual leave allowance unused.

My baby due date is 28th November and I wish to get admitted in hospital as soon as possible. I wish to avail maternity leave of one year starting from 22November. I will join office in November 2009 and I will make sure that you will be informed about any changes in the plans.

Kindly process my application and approve my leave as soon as possible.

Thanking You,


Yours Sincerely,
Naomi C. Delp


Employee Maternity Leave Letter Generator

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