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Employee Maternity Leave Letter

Maternity is one of the most important and the most awaited thing in a females life. Understanding the importance of maternity, many industries have maternity leave allowances for women. Maternity leave period extends to one full year and if a women wish to take maternity leave, then she can make use of one full year. There are some formats or things that you need to specify in a employee maternity leave letter to get approval. Check the one shown below.


Naomi C. Delp

2119 Lindale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

04 November, 2008


Faye Roberts,

HR Chief,

Atlantic Consultancy,


Dear Faye Roberts,

I am Naomi Delp and I am working in your consultancy as a chief software engineer. You already know that I am nearing my delivery date and I wish to avail my full maternity leave along with my annual leave allowance, as I have my full annual leave allowance unused.

My baby due date is 28th November and I wish to get admitted in hospital as soon as possible. I wish to avail maternity leave of one year starting from 22November. I will join office in November 2009 and I will make sure that you will be informed about any changes in the plans.

Kindly process my application and approve my leave as soon as possible.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Naomi C. Delp

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