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How To Write A Leave Letter

Writing a leave letter is one of the easy and most simple task, if you are familiar with the format. You need to be straight forward and to the point in your leave letter. Nothing too detail should be presented in a leave letter. In most of the letters make sure that you address your employer in a formal way and not in casual.

In the body of the letter make sure that you mention clearly the number of days you want leave of absence, if possible with dates. In addition, mention the date of your returning to work and a valid reason to convince your employer.

If you are handling any projects when asking for leave, you need to add details of the projects and the status of completion or proof of assignment of work to any of your friends or colleagues working with you. You also ensure that your colleague will complete the work in specified time and meet deadlines.

Finally, do not forget to thank your employer for considering your work and provide your contact information, so that he may contact you in any emergency. Close the letter with your signature.

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