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Leave Letter for Condolence

The objective of writing this letter is to inform the concerned person about the sudden demise of your family member. This is one of the saddest moments in everyone’s life when someone close to them leaves them forever. The loss cannot be replaced with anything. At this point, your family needs you the most. Through this letter you will be specifying the time period of your absence in office. Leave letter for condolence can also be written after the leaves and completing up all the formalities.

  • First and foremost it is vital to inform your concerned person regarding the death of the person known to you.
  • Tone of the letter should be formal
  • Wordings of the letter should express your politeness in appealing for the leave.
  • You must regret for the inconvenience caused to the organization.
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.

Leave Letter for Condolence Template

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Date (Date on which letter is written)




Dear ______________,

I am feeling very sad to inform you regarding the death of my close relative due to ___________. He has passed away _____________ and it is necessary for my family to attend the funeral and present at all the rituals. I would like to take leaves from ___________ to ____________. I have submitted all my reports to my team leader.

I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leaves for the above mentioned dates. I will be resuming my duties on ______________.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,




Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Leave Letter for Condolence Sample, Email and Example/Format



Robert Lewis
Chief Finance Manager
ABC Inc.

Date (Date on which letter is written)


Mr. Albert Pereira
Senior HR Manager
ABC Inc.

Sub: requesting leave

Dear Mr. Pereira,

I am really very sorry to inform you about the sudden demise of our close relative yesterday evening due to heart attack. I hope that you will understand that at this point my family needs my support the most. Me and my family need to be present at the funeral tomorrow. I am writing this letter to officially inform you regarding my absence in office for four days. I assure you, I will complete my pending jobs at the earliest when I return to office.

I am sure that you will understand my situation and grant me leaves from 4th September to 8th September. I will resume my duties from 9th September onwards.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely’


Robert Lewis


Email Format

As the name indicates, leave letter for condolence is written to request leave when anyone very close to you or your family meets death. Everyone knows that missing someone is really sad and it is necessary to inform your higher official in office about this sad incident. Usually you can write leave letter for condolence after taking leave and finishing the formalities. Check the format of leave letter for condolence below and try to write it the same way when you need.

Dear Mr. William Pank,

I am feeling really sad to inform you that one of my close relative to my family passed away last night and it is necessary for my entire family to join the funeral ceremony. Since, I am not able to attend office today, I am mailing you this letter so that you can make my absence from office legal and informed.

I kindly request you to grant me leave for 4 days from today, 11th November to 14th November. I will be back to office on 15th and will complete all pending works as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


John Lincard


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