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Leave Letter Template

Every person working in a office or students in school must know how to write a leave letter in order to take leave from office or school for some reasons. In order to help you to find out the correct way of writing a leave letter, a small template of leave letter format is posted below. Take a look at it and write your leave letters in correct format. You can also note the places where to mention the reason, date of leave, etc.

Contact information of applicant:


Address or position in office

Date of writing letter

Details of employer

Concerned person’s name

Position in company

Company’s name and address with zip code


Dear [name of the employer],

Part I:

In the first part start professionally and politely. You need to tell your employer that you are in need of leave and you need to specify a valid reason for applying leave. You can give any valid reasons for the leave of absence that may convince your boss.

Part II:

In second part, you need to tell your boss that you completed all the works assigned to you. If not the case, you need to ensure that you assign your current pending work to any of your colleague who can handle the work successfully during your leave period. If possible add details of the work in which you are working with.

Part III:

In the final part, you have to inform your boss that you are planning to join after some days or after your leave period and you will inform your boss about any changes in the planned schedule or resuming date as early as possible.


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely, Faithfully, Truly, etc.

Your Name

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  1. we request to forward letter of staff in the month those who are absent pls handover the leave application at hr dept within the date.

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