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Parental Leave Letter

When you have small children or when you are forced to write a letter related to your son or daughter directed to their school teacher, then the letter is called as parental leave letter. You can write a parental leave letter requesting the teacher to grant you leave or you can write for the leave already taken by your child. Whatever may be the case, the format of a parental leave letter is as follows.


Jason O. Keeter

1039 Griffin Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

23 June, 2001


Mr. Leonard Paul

Class teacher, grade IV

PSBB high school.

Dear Paul,

I am Keeter, father of Richard Keeter and I write this letter to inform you that my son has an appointment with dentist tomorrow[24 June]. As I am taking him to the dentist at 13 00 hrs tomorrow, I kindly request you to grant him leave for one day.

Thank you,


Jason O. Keeter

[f/o Richard Keeter, Grade IV]


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