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Business Marketing Letter

For any business to flourish, it is necessary to make clients and potential buyers aware of the products and services that you offer. A business promotion letter is meant to your get in touch with your client base in order to keep them updated on developments in your company.

  • This letter should be personal in tone, as though you are explaining the product yourself
  • You must ensure that it intrigues your customers about the product.
  • It must be concise and simple.

Business Marketing Letter Template

Use our free Business Marketing Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.




_________________ ( name and address of the recipient)

Dear Mr/ Ms. ( Name of the recipient)

_____________ (name of your company) is proud to announce its whole new range ________________ _____________ (name of the products) . ____________________________ _____________________

(Describe your products and mention all the highlights)

_____________________ (Put forth the benefits of your product in the form of questions) If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you must try __________________________________ __________________ (name of your product) for _____________________( benefits) !

Yours Sincerely,

_______________ ( name and signature)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Business Marketing Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format





_________________ ( name and address of the recipient)

Dear Mr/ Ms. ( Name of the recipient)

Beauty Secrets Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce its whole new range of skincare products. The Beauty Secrets Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing range, made from 100% natural extracts is designed to help keep the skin looking clear and younger. Our products are available for all skin types. These vitamin enriched skin care products are affordable, easy to use and very effective.

Do you want clear skin in just 15 days? Do you not have time to visit parlors? Do you think skincare is difficult and expensive? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you must try the new skin care range from Beauty Secrets Private Ltd. for the most beautiful skin you can imagine!

Yours Sincerely,

Aarti Ponappa,

Head of Marketing

Beauty secrets Pvt. Ltd.

Email Format

A good product can easily be offered through a good marketing letter. It is as good as presenting the product yourself. If you think, you need to write this marketing letter for one of your products, here is one that we can recommend.

11 June 2007
Gemstar General Manager,

Royal Oaks

Stradmore Street

St. Peter Fl.23987-478

Dear Mrs. Janice Price,

We are very proud to offer to you the polythene bag that has an impresisve quality that you can try to feel with one touch of your hands at a very reasonable price of $2.5. It is useful in carrying things that matters most to you without having to fear on loosing them. The design on the bag is very much fashiobale so it actually adds positivity on your aura and will definitely give you that great look.

Do you prefer a bag that is clean and professional looking? Alternatively, one that can carry some wright? How about a durable bag? If you want these entire three in one bag then you might be needing the polythene bag. It is not a see through bag so the inside does not show and it ensures the privacy of your belongings.

Yours Truly,

Maris Green,

Marketing Manager

Business Marketing Letter Generator

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