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Marketing Introduction Letter

Summary: A good sales agent training program is very helpful in increasing the sales performance of businesses. In offering this program to companies, a good letter will make you close a deal. In this letter you can mention about your program. If you are writing this letter to a certain company, here is one that you can follow.

Sunrise Company


12 January 2008

Dear Mr. Stuart

Sales Agent Training Program

Every company aims to have an increased sales each year. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to have a training on how to generate sales in your business. Lots of big and famous companies like Microsoft and Apple choose sales agents as part of their training in sales.

The team responsible for sales will learn and enjoy this program. This course will run for 70 hours and will transform your employees into experts in getting sales contracts. The program will train your employees to be experts in the process of selling, colleague coaching, skills in sales management and all other aspects involving sales.

Please don’t hesitate to cotact us if you have questions. We will be contacting you every now and then.

Sincerely Yours,


Mrs. Jacobson

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