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Employment Application Letter

An employment application letter is written to apply for a job vacancy or a position in a company. Employment application letters are written to the HR departments or the person who might have enlisted his details in a related advertisement in a newspaper. The nature of these letters is proper, short and succinct and to-the-point. An employment application letter will make statements related to the job vacancy. An employment application letter is always short and realistic. The application cannot be too elongated. A person writing an employment application letter must know all the details of the position he hopes to get. The application must make this evident to the recipient that the person writing the letter is well-learned and reputable, and is therefore deserving of the position he has applied for.

Tips for writing a good employment application letter:

  1. An application letter for employment will contain pertinent details about its writer, as well about the position he is applying for.
  2. The letter has to be short and concise and cannot contain too many explanations, details, or experience narrations.
  3. The writer must learn to combine whatever details he has disclose about himself in three or four well-formed sentences. There shouldn’t be too many small sentences, but instead there should be three to four well-formed compound sentences with commas and accurate punctuation.
  4. An application letter for employment will also be reverent and courteous to the company and will therefore include a polite address to the recipient.

Employment Application Letter Sample











Subject: Application for employment

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing with the intent of applying for the position of Senior Executive Officer in your company. This news of this vacancy was revealed to me by my contacts in related circles. I was a sales executive for my past employer.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management studies and am therefore proficient at juggling large numbers. I also have a lot of experience in marketing products and maintaining customer relations.

I therefore request you to kindly consider me for the post of Senior Executive Officer, as I feel I could do justice to his job and live up to the expectations you have from all your employees.

Yours sincerely,



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