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Employment Separation Letter

Employment separation letter is written by an employee of any organization; to the other colleagues, friends, managers, high level authorities, Team leaders, head of departtments , etc. Through this any employee would try to convey the reason for his termination from the employment (further studies, marriage, shifting to another location, better growth opportunity, better package and job facility, etc.). And how the time spent during the years/months passed like a wave of air.

______________ (Name of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: It’s time/hard to say goodbye

Dear ___________

Saying goodbye to someone with whom you are very close can be very difficult at times. It’s been a wonderful journey over a period of 1year. As a fresher I joined the firm and as a experienced learner will have to say goodbye to the organization where we spent the maximum time.

I would like to take an opportunity to thank our HOD (Head of Dept.) Mr. _______; Senior Manager, Mrs._________; Manager (name); Team Leader (name) and all my colleagues and team members to assist me and help me in every possible manner to achieve growth and success. Even though being a fresher I got a chance to land in the best team on the floor and realize the value and worth of being a team member of the best TL.

It’s hard to leave from our second home but I am not left with other option as I have pursued further studies. After all changes have all, we are all in this together. Sooner or later we all part ways, but we still keep in touch.

You can reach me at xyz@xyz.com, social networking site (name); share phone no.

Yours sincerely,



Address of the organization

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