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Real Estate Letters – Sample Real Estate Letters

Real estate letters are formal written by real estate agents to clients or prospective clients or vice versa. A real estate letter is basically any letter written with relation to any real estate matter. The topics and issues addressed in such letters are basically issues ranging from property listings to land acquisitions and other sales, purchases and inquiries relating to buying, selling and acquiring or investing in real estate. Real estate letters are very subjective and differ greatly from one another. There’s no one proper definition of a real estate letter. For example, an agent writing to a lady asking for permission to list her property on a website is a real estate letter. At the same time, a man writing to an agency asking if there are any takers for his land is also a real estate letter.

  • Always outline the aim of your letter carefully. Make sure the reader realizes why it is that you are writing him the letter. Be clear with your subject and the objective of your letter. If you have a question to ask, ask it first. If you have a request to make, make it first.
  • Do not make the letter too long or too short. Keep its span neither too long nor too short. If you have more than one request to make or more than one question to ask, compound them into one or more sentences. Include these all in the second paragraph of your letter. Do not make the paragraphs too long. End it in two or three sentences.
  • Always end your letter with apologies for any inconvenience caused, as the case may be.

Sample Real Estate Letters Template

Use our free Real Estate Letters – Sample Real Estate Letters to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.







Subject: [Mention the main aim of your letter]

Dear Mr./Ms.________,

I,____________ [mention your name], am writing you this letter to _____________ [mention the reason behind writing the letter]. I hope this isn’t an inconvenience for you.

I had a query with regard to _______ [mention any questions or doubts you might have had]. I would also like to know if _________ [mention any additional clarifications you might be need].

I wish to ____________ [mention the intent of your let, that is, explain why you’re writing this letter’. I hope you can do that for me. It would be very helpful for me if you could do that.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely,


XYZ  [Name and designation].


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sample Real Estate Letters Sample, Email and Example/Format







Subject: Permission for listing property.

Dear Mr./Ms._______,

We recently came to know of your property in Shahapur and that you’re on the lookout for prospective buyers. We wish to ask to you for permission to list your property on our website, Your property is a prime property in an excellent location and we believe we would be of great use to you in your transaction.

We have a long history with facilitating the buying and selling of real estate. Our professionals have been working in the field for the past fifteen years. They are adept at matching offers and bringing people together to establish a firm deal.

We therefore request you to allow us to post your property listing on our website.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,


XYZ [Name and designation]


Email Format

Real estate or property owners are looked at with great respect and awe. In today’s world of high rising economy and markets, being an owner of real estate is something surely to be proud of. Just the way the financial market varies from time to time the real estate market is sometimes a seller’s market and sometimes a buyer’s market. When it is a buyer’s market then real estate owners run after agents to buy their properties off them at rates decided by the agents. However when the demand is more than the supply, it is a seller’s market. Then the real estate agents or companies run after the sellers to sell at a price suiting their requirements.

________________ (Name and address of addressee)

________________ (Date)

Subject: Buyer for your property at _____________ (location)

Dear Sir or Madam

We are a leading Real Estate Agency of ___________ (location) and have been into this business since _______ (year). Companies like _________ (names of various companies) are our corporate clients who have been doing their real estate deals through us.

You have a plot of land at _______________ (detailed address) of size ______. The plot is very strategically located and to let you know that a shopping mall is coming up just walking distance from there. The going rate of the size of land cum its location is Rs._______(per square yard).

If you are interested in selling your property, we have a few buyers ready to buy instantly. Please feel free to contact the undersigned from Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM at the numbers given below and we will send our sales team for discussions.

We hope to serve you best today, tomorrow and always.

Best regards,


(Name of signing authority)


Sample Real Estate Letters Generator

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