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Real Estate Letters – Sample Real Estate Letters

Real estate or property owners are looked at with great respect and awe. In today’s world of high rising economy and markets, being an owner of real estate is something surely to be proud of. Just the way the financial market varies from time to time the real estate market is sometimes a seller’s market and sometimes a buyer’s market. When it is a buyer’s market then real estate owners run after agents to buy their properties off them at rates decided by the agents. However when the demand is more than the supply, it is a seller’s market. Then the real estate agents or companies run after the sellers to sell at a price suiting their requirements.

Real Estate Letter can be written both by the agent as well as the seller. If an agent writes the letter, then s/he needs to inform the owners of the going purchase rate of the properties and subsequent availability of prospective buyers. This letter introduces an agent or company to an individual or organization and then gives them details of going rates of various locations. The Real Estate brokers, as they are commonly known, do a lot of research work to find out who owns which property in their area of operation.

If however the seller writes the letter, then s/he needs to inform the real estate company or agent that s/he is interested in selling the owned property. It may also mention the expected rate that the seller will be fine with.


  • A Real Estate Letter should give a brief introduction of the company writing it
  • It should be written after clearly identifying the address and location at which the reader has her/his property
  • The rates quoted in the letter should be verifiable and not fictitious figures
  • If the real estate broker is registered with a company to give its functions legality, then that too should be mentioned in the letter as proof of authenticity of the broker
  • The letter should not be very long
  • It should only talk about the property in question and should be to the point
  • All contact details should be a part of the letter
  • If the broker has some companies whose reference can be given to the seller, then that too should be mentioned in the letter


(This is a letter written by a broker to a seller)

________________ (Name and address of addressee)

________________ (Date)

Subject: Buyer for your property at _____________ (location)

Dear Sir or Madam

We are a leading Real Estate Agency of ___________ (location) and have been into this business since _______ (year). Companies like _________ (names of various companies) are our corporate clients who have been doing their real estate deals through us.

You have a plot of land at _______________ (detailed address) of size ______. The plot is very strategically located and to let you know that a shopping mall is coming up just walking distance from there. The going rate of the size of land cum its location is Rs._______(per square yard).

If you are interested in selling your property, we have a few buyers ready to buy instantly. Please feel free to contact the undersigned from Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM at the numbers given below and we will send our sales team for discussions.

We hope to serve you best today, tomorrow and always.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

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