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Counter Proposal Letter

Summary: This letter is written in response to the feedback given by a company who received a proposal from another company. The company who gave the earlier proposal is writing back to confirm receipt of the feedback and to indicate the appropriate actions to be taken to ensure a smooth collaboration between the two parties.

David D. Wunsch

Senior Manager

Riley Sales & Services Ltd

30, Litous Street
4005 Mesa Geitonia

March 28th 2010

Dear Mr. Wunsch,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and pointers on our earlier proposal, dated January 29th 2010, regarding your company’s upcoming construction project.

We will send you an updated proposal with the necessary adjustments as you have recommended in your feedback as soon as possible. Our project coordinator from Jewels Ltd will contact you shortly to service you with the updated proposal.

We would appreciate your early submission of any further information pertaining to your project for input into this proposal revision.

We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with Riley Sales & Services. Please do not hesitate to contact Jewels Ltd for further queries and feedback.

Thank you for your confidence in our services.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Haminges

Project Manager

Jewels Ltd

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