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Proposal Cover Letter Template

Summary: This letter is a follow up on a verbal discussion of a project between the project initiator and project tender. The letter serves to further the collaboration between both parties through a submission of proposal on the said project. The contents are concise and formal to boost the project initiator’s confidence in the project tender’s capability.

Andrew G. Thornton

Silver Birds Paradise

79 Cassinia Street

November 5 2009

Dear Mr. Thornton

Thank you for a pleasant telephone conversation last evening on your project proposal. Taking our discussion further, I am submitting a service proposal that describes our Best Recipes scheme. This scheme is very applicable to all companies, especially Silver Birds Paradise which desire a comprehensive service proposal for maximum output at a satisfactory cost.

Adopting Best Recipes’ proposal will give your company, Silver Birds Paradise, an added advantage in terms of reputation and finances as it is ideal for start-ups and SME companies. You will reap the benefits in a short turnaround period.

I look forward to hearing from you soon upon receipt of our proposal. Please feel free to contact me on any queries or amendments to the proposal. Enclosed are my contact details for your convenience.

Yours truly

Jane Parkerson


Best Recipes


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