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Proposal Cover Letter

Summary: This is a cover letter which companies can use with a proposal attachment to clarify the contents of the attachment and to encourage acceptance of the proposal. It states a positive working relationship between the involved parties where conditions are conducive to both parties. It allows both parties to explore further work opportunities.

Jana Baader

Silver Threads

33175 Bad Lippspringe


June 23, 2010

Dear Ms. Baader

It was my pleasure talking with you over our recent telephone conversation about your project proposal.

Attached, please find a copy of our service proposal recommendation for your consideration. I am sure that you will find our service proposal on “Increasing SME productivity” to be beneficial to your esteemed company, Silver Threads.

This package is especially tailored to Silver Threads’ requirements and characteristics which desire a high quality service at affordable price to develop its own services with a bit of professional assistance to kick start your venture. With our proposal adopted, Silver Thread will experience progressive developments in its business.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have regarding the proposal. I look forward to establishing a long and meaningful work relationship between our organizations.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Mona Samu

Phone: 04530439465

email: monasamu@yahoo.com

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