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Proposal Letter for Project

Summary: This letter is soliciting for extra investment to a currently halted project which is encumbered by certain hurdles, especially the monetary factor. This letter provides the latest information to invite a company to consider some investment into the project to revive its continuation quickly.

Dear Sir

I am writing to inform you that the Outer Ring Links project which is a combined venture between the local government and MNE Road Projects Pvt. Ltd. is experiencing some difficulties in carrying on its developments although it is currently in progress.

The consistently poor weather for the past month has caused this project to cease temporarily, and with delayed government funding stemmed by the impending elections, a substantial financial loss has been incurred on the company.

This proposal letter outlines the said project’s details which has great potential and benefits in the long term. The Outer Ring Links, when completed, will connect not only the major commercial areas in the city but also the technology sector of this city. Thus, investment in this Outer Ring Links project is a beneficial far-sighted decision.

Project title: Outer Ring Links phase 2

Main implementing agent(s): MNE Road Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Project location: New Delhi

Proposed starting date: 12th January 2008

Project duration: 4 years

Amount requested from Voluntary Fund (INR): 55crore

Government inputs: 70crore

Implementing agent inputs: 20crore

Other donor inputs: None

We are positive that you will consider some investment into reviving this project to allow it to be completed as soon as possible for all involved parties’ benefit.

Yours Sincerely,

MNE Road Projects Pvt. Ltd.

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