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Proposal Letter to a Principal

Summary: The letter is written by an authorized member of a company explaining the services and the delivery of the ordered items by the principal of the institution. The letter contains all the vital information about the quality and the pricing, which removes all the elements of doubt from the mind.

The Principal,

Mahadev School of Sciences,


Dear Sir,

[Subject: Updating of Library Management Software]

It is indeed an honour to provide the services for the installation and updating of the Library Management Software for your institution. We have been a pioneer in the field of software development, animation, presentations, hardware exclusively designed for educational purposes. We are known for our top quality services and products in the market.

Our software module is very efficient, as it has incorporated book entry form, the details of the individual students with their own unique user login. Also designed for the records of Issue, Deposit and returns, Database backup and help sections.

This software is available for the cost Rs70000/- (Seventy thousand only) and requires an advance payment of Rs.15000 along with the work order so that we can start our processes. The rest of the sum is expected to be paid within one month after completion of the operation.

Yours Truly,

Hi-tech Computers.

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