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Writing a Proposal Letter

Summary: This is an overview of how to write up a proposal letter for companies who would like to offer their services or products to clinch a deal or a sales. The technique listed will give the proposing company the added advantage if its proposal is impressive for the recipient to consider the proposal favorably.

Every company will require some form of proposal letter as it deals with all types of businesses. A proposal letter is written to address a particular area, which the sender would like to propose for acceptance to the recipient. The various forms of proposal can come in sales, education, business, or services.

It is important to remember the following points when writing a proposal letter:

  • A proposal is an introductory offer to a service or product, which is not legally binding.
  • A proposal letter can be formal or informal depending on the proposed offer issue, such as inclusion or exclusion of personal information.
  • The general tone of a proposal letter should always be formal for the business, irrespective of letter content.
  • A proposal letter should be precise in its content to create a good impression on the reader.
  • A proposal letter should be brief but to the point, outlining the benefits of working together for the involved parties.

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