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Job Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a completely formal affair. This is an important document of the work life of the employee. These letters should be written in a good form so as to leave a good impression on the organization you are leaving. One should maintain his legacy even if he is leaving the organization. It is very important to mention the last working day date and also the notice period. As it is an official letter it should be formal and a typed one. Sufficient information should be provided to the employer. The letter should be in a good attitude and show that you have completed all the responsibilities given to you. You should also indicate that you can re-continue your service to the organization in future if there will be any opportunity. It is really important to end with a good note as this will help you for good referrals. The job resignation letter should be concise and to the point. The reason for leaving the job should also be mentioned in the job resignation letter.

Tips For Writing The job Resignation Letters:

  1. Being an official letter it should be formal.
  2. The letter should end on a good note.
  3. You should thank the management for all the support it provided to you during your working period.
  4. The reason for leaving the job should be given.
  5. The Job resignation letter should not have any grammatical mistakes.

Job Resignation Letter Sample



Ryan Macmillan

House no- 78,

Ring Road Lane,

City Next Complex,

New York


The H.R .Manager

THYU Company,

GHT Building,

New York

Sept 16, 2013

Sub: Resignation notice of one month

Dear Sir,

I humbly state that I am hereby giving my one month notice for resignation from the Manager post. I had a good time working with this company. My working experience with the staff and management has been wonderful. I had got many opportunities here to sharpen my skills and to work with a well experienced staff. I had great learning experience in this company.

I am resigning as I have to shift to California as I have my family there. It has been long since I have left them for job but now I want to settle in California only. I am looking for a good job opportunity there. I will hereby look upon you for the recommendation and reference letter.

I hope that you will consider my request

Thanking You,


Yours truly,

Ryan Macmillan

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