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Request Letter – Change of Address Request Letter

Sometimes a person, for some or the other reason has to leave his or her hometown and shift to another place. It may be another town altogether or within the town itself. As one’s postal address is an absolute must, for communication it is advisable that the new address should thus be informed to all.

Here is a sample change of address request letter:


Steven Johnson

House no- 52,

Orchid Apartments,

5th Revenue,

New York


Mr. James Lawrence

Human Resource Manager,

Sigma Software Ltd,

New York

12th May, 2010

Ref: Request for Change of Address

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

I had been living in Central Complex Apartments for the past 3 years. But for the last 2 months I have shifted my residence to Orchid Apartments at 5th Revenue. Since at the time of joining I was living in Central Complex Apartments my postal address in the records is of that place.

As I have shifted now and I find it hard to collect all my mails from my old residence I request you to kindly update my new address in the office records and forward my mails to the new address as mentioned in this letter. I also request you that all the official mails be referred to the same address.

Thanking You,


Steven Johnson

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