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Information Request letter

Summary: Asking information from someone is necessary for many reason and you can ask different kind of informations. Through information request letter you can easily ask information on related subjects. Under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ that was enacted couple of years ago, any citizen of India can ask for information from the government agencies that are not made public due to various reasons. This letter is such a letter asking for information on how the money collected for flood relief was spent.


Ram Jethmalini

23, Laloo Bylane




Public Information Officer,

Department of Disaster Management



30th September ‘10

Dear Madam,

You are aware of the devastating floods in Bihar recently. For rehabilitation and relief, large sums of money were collected for the flood victims.

I wish to know the amount of money that was collected and how it was disbursed to the flood victims. I am sure you will provide me with the information under the “Freedom of Information Act.” Also if you have some pictures or other documents related to this act I would like to see them.

Thanking you,


(Ram Jethmalani)

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