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Referral Request Letter

The letter below is a sample of the referral request. I think it is easier to write a letter than ask in an oral form for a referral. It should be done in a proper way. Follow the structure below and hopefully you will get your referrals each time you need them.

Mr. Jack Braider

Vice President- Marketing

Technological solutions Ltd

Dear Mr. Braider,

I decide to write this letter with the reference with our last meeting where we were discussing the vacant position in Technological Solutions LTD. Because of the meeting I am very disappointed with the fact that I had not been chosen for the next interview even though my interview results were very good as well as the marks I received.

I am kindly ask you to provide me with a referral letter since you are one of the high respectable figures in marketing department of the company and a person who knows me for a long time. You can be sure in my responsibility and job dedication. I would like to use the last chance for taking part in a second interview and most probably to be chosen for that vacant position in Technological solutions LTD and contribute my knowledge and experience to the benefit of the company.

Thanking in advance,

Yours truly,

Lisa Widrow

4 Rowland Avenue

London, United Kingdom

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