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Salary Request Letter

Summary: Waiting for salary is bad sometimes but if you want to remind the authority about this then write them a salary request letter. Write them in professional manner. Due to some unknown reason the salary that was due to her, was not credited to her account. She is bringing this to the notice of her Account department head and asking him to investigate the matter and ensure that her salary is credited as soon as possible.


Rosy McCoy,

Project Leader,

Software Solutions Ltd,



Arnold Ritchie,

Salary Accounts,

Software Solutions Ltd,


15th September ‘10

Dear Mr. Ritchie,

This is to inform you that the salary for the month of August that is due to me is yet to be credited in my account. I was waiting for the amount from past few days as it was due a week before.

You are requested to check the matter and arrange to credit my account with my August’s salary as soon as possible.

Awaiting your confirmation on the same

Thanking You,


Rosy McCoy

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