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Sample Request Letter

SUMMARY: This sample letter is written to request a re-scheduling of an appointment due to some unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance on the interview candidate. The candidate explains his reason for the request with precise information for the recipient’s consideration to allow the request.

Here is a sample request letter for permission of re-scheduling an appointment. Sample letter of request can also be used to request the samples of material, documents, and assistance.

Rupert H. Dam

Manager, HR Department

Fine Prospects Pvt Ltd
6670 Holsted

April 20th 2010

Dear Mr. Dam

I am writing to request a re-scheduling of my interview appointment with your esteemed company which was scheduled on May 19th 2010 at 5pm. I was called for an interview with Fine Prospects Pvt Ltd for the post of Assistant Coordinator for Sales and Services Department.

I am unable to make it for the said interview as there is a recent bereavement in my family which requires my full attention and presence outside the country at the moment. I will be back by May 22nd 2010 for a rescheduled interview.

I believe that my relevant qualifications and 5 years of marketing experience make me a relevant candidate for the mentioned post. My records with previous employments have been impeccable as to attitude and performance.

I appeal to your kind consideration on my request. I can be contacted at for any clarification.

I await your kind response.

Thank you.

With best regards,

Joe Garner

Skibbroen 64
3950 Aasiaat



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