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How to Write a Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a brief on how a resignation letter should be written by company personnel intending to leave the company. Tips are given to write a good resignation letter to the leaving employee’s favor so that the management will view kindly of him. This formal letter needs to be concise and courteous.

When an employee wants to leave, the company he is working at, he needs to submit a resignation letter. This is a formal letter, which is directed to the management of the company to state the employee’s intention to leave or resign from the company.

The resignation letter should state the facts correctly and concisely without any typo errors. The appropriate notice period and last working day should be stated for the management to confirm and approve the resignation of the employee. The resigning employee should also specific any outstanding work and how it is handled before his last working day.

Writing a good resignation letter will allow the resigning employee to stay on good terms with the management, if he had remained tactful and polite in his resignation letter. There should not be any dissatisfaction or grouses voiced in the resignation letter.

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